Happy Feelings... The Moments Between Us

I grew up Christian conservative and I was grateful to have parents who were very open to me and my questions with sexuality. But I quickly learned my friends did not have the luxury of parents who were comfortable with these discussions. There were hushed tones at the mention of body parts and giggles I just didn't understand. It disappointed me so deeply to hear my adult friends say, "Our family just never talked about it, " or "My parents just let the school handle it." That's terrible because even though schools are ONE place, they're not the BEST place to have these open, judgment-free discussions. I felt so strongly about normalizing sexuality, but at the time I couldn't properly express how I felt because of how much self-hate I had inflicted through personal situations. 

During university I discovered so much more about sexuality, confidence, and self-love, inadvertently jumpstarting my journey of being okay with who I am. This journey was difficult. It was before the #blackgirlmagic movement. But my eyes were opened to the infinitely more marginalized groups that hadn't and still haven't experienced this kind of awakening. I learned how to be okay with who I was at the time and how I presented yourself to the world, in every way I knew to exist. 

My relationship with boudoir celebrates confidence, independence, general awesomeness, with a hint of rebelliousness-essentially everything that makes me, me. It's not about posing in a sexual way or being nude but about saying these are my toes, one leans into the others for support, and so I can walk. These are my stretch marks. I have grown for this many years and so I have lived enough to continue growing. These details make me. When I realized how powerful it is to accept my self, truly in every sense see my flaws and love them past their purpose, even the parts I would have buried in the Earth's core, I became a different person. A better person. I think if boudoir can do that for me, it can do that for someone else. And maybe I'm a little overzealous, but I'd like to continue thinking that boudoir can change the world, one individual at a time.

  Azia Elis-Singleton  -  The Moments Between Us

Azia Elis-Singleton - The Moments Between Us